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A2/A2 Jersey Cow Milk

Jersey Cow A2/A2 Milk

Jersey cow milk rises above its dairy competitors in both taste and nutrition. The Jersey cow’s milk has a much higher butterfat content than most breeds of milk cows. Many people avoid drinking milk, but not many people avoid butter, ice cream, crem fraiche, and other products derived from milk. Jersey cows produce the finest of these, and the cows are pretty good lookin’ too!


Taste is a major deciding factor when choosing milk, but it isn’t everything. The health benefits of Jersey cow milk places it above the rest! It has significantly more calcium, protein, vitamin b12, and phosphorus. Drinking a glass of Jersey cow milk is practically a supplement when compared to store-bought milk!

A2/A2 Milk

This A2/A2 business is as complicated as one desires, so we will simplify it. These numbers and letters refer to beta-casein proteins. A1 beta-caseins have been shown to cause digestive issues in some people. A2 beta-caseins are much easier for our bodies to digest, thus allowing us to drink milk and properly absorb its nutrients. Our Jersey cow milk is A2/A2, so it is easier to digest and healthier!

Creamy Products

We love our goat’s milk here at Triple Strand Ranch, but it simply doesn’t give us the butterfat needed to make most products associated with this element. The Jersey cow gives us the opportunity to create butter that will change the way you see this commonly used product! I’ve enjoyed making homemade butter for years, but this Jersey cow milk will take this activity to a new level.

Whether you’re in the market for better tasting milk, healthier milk, easier to digest milk, or gourmet butterfat products, the Jersey cow will provide them all. It just so happens that Triple Strand Ranch has acquired one, and we are looking forward to providing the community with these beneficial milk foods!


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